The Ministry of Agriculture aims to plant more than 350,000 cypress and casuarina trees across Libya in 2013.
A report in the Irish press says that 2,900 cows will be shipped to Libya next month, the first exports to the country since the lifting of a 15 year-old ban in 2012.
The agriculture ministry, along with local authorities in the Gulf of Sirte region, has launched a programme to immunise animals against foot-and-mouth disease.
Irish cattle exporters are planning to resume trade with Libya for the first time since 1995, according to reports.
More than half a million sheep have been vaccinated against foot and mouth disease in the Nafusa mountains region of western Libya, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.
A vaccination campaign against foot and mouth disease is ongoing in certain areas of Libya.
A team of vets has launched a vaccination campaign against foot-and-mouth disease, so far treating more than 6,000 sheep.
Libya's Ministry of Agriculture has provided an update on its activities during the first seven months of 2012.
Some 60 cases of the highly infectious foot and mouth disease have been reported in livestock near Sirte.
A group of Libyans wounded in last year’s conflict held a protest outside a fuel storage depot in Misrata, temporarily preventing lorries from transporting petrol.
A representative of a group of Italian food producers recently visited a date production factory in Houn to discuss possible involvement.
The Ministry of Agriculture has appointed a committee to oversee development in the Kufra and Sareer areas.
The Ministry of Agriculture has asked its Sudanese counterpart to ensure that exports of live animals are properly coordinated with the Libyan veterinary authorities.
Libya's Minister of Economy, Ahmed al-Koshly, says that the authorities have coordinated the import of livestock for Eid and also reduced customs duties to help ease pressure on meat prices.
Libya's Ministry of Economy says that over a quarter of million sheep have so far been imported specifically for the Eid al-Adha feast in late October.