The Ministry of Agriculture has provided an update on last season's harvest in Libya, as well as other activities in the sector.
Egypt's Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Reda Ismail, has issued a decision to stop sheep exports across the Salloum border with Libya due to worries over disease.
The Ministry of Economy has set the price at which the Libyan government will purchase wheat produced in the 2012 harvest.
US figures estimate that Libya's corn and soybean meal imports will rise sharply in 2012 as its agricultural sector recovers, creating opportunities for exporters.
The UN organisation signed a cooperation agreement with Libya on 17 May to develop technical expertise and improve the country's food security.
A food, agriculture and fishing trade show, Agro-Libya, was held in Tripoli last week, with local and international companies among the exhibitors.
An official from Libya's Ministry of Agriculture has said the government will import 1 million tonnes of wheat in 2012, with Europe, Canada and the US expected to be the main suppliers.
Ireland's Minister of Agriculture said on 25 April that he expected the Libyan authorities to lift a ban on importing Irish and EU beef that has been in place since 1996.
Libya produced 10,151 tonnes of wild fresh fish, 1,605 tonnes of canned tuna and 135 tonnes of canned sardines in 2010, according to official figures carried in the Al Shams newspaper.
The head of Libya's Grain Production Authority, Ali Arhouma, told Reuters on 9 February that Libya expected to import around 1.3m tonnes of wheat in 2011.
The Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAP) and a diversified Mozambican agro-food firm, Ubuntu, launched a rice production venture on 29 November, according to Noticias, a Mozambican newspaper.
The Libyan-Syrian Investment Company has signed an agreement with the Syria-based Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) to set up joint cooperation programmes, Al Shams reported.