Economic and trade data

Libya crude oil output (bpd, annual)

Libya-Tunisia trade (annual)

Libya exports to Turkey (2006-2020)

US goods trade with Libya, 2000-2016

Turkish exports to Libya, 2006-2021

Oil output/revenues, 2012-H1 2017

Overall CBL spending and revenues, Q3 2015

Use of foreign reserves, 2013-2015

CBL report on state finances up to Q3 2015 (Ar)

Tobruq finance minister on 2016 general budget preparation (Ar)

CBL report on 2015 finances (Ar)

Tripoli Audit Bureau 2014 report (Ar)

Annual inflation by month, January-December 2014

CBL statement on public finances (Arabic)

Breakdown of government debt in 2013

Budget allocation and spending for Price Stabilisation Fund, 2011-2013

Annual inflation by month, 2013

Government non-oil revenues, 2000-16

Breakdown of general state expenses from 2012 budget

Breakdown of state salary spending, 2012

Annual inflation by month, 2012

Korean trade with Libya, 2000-12

UK trade with Libya, 2007-12

Turkish exports to Libya, 2006-12

Customs, tax and other state revenues, January-October 2012

GDP breakdown, 2011

State oil revenues, January-July 2012

Government subsidies spending by category, January-June 2012

Libya FDI inflows and outflows, 2006-11

Inflation by month, 2011

Tunisian exports to Libya, 2010-1

Annual inflation rate by quarter, 2008-10

Breakdown of GDP by sector, 2009

Breakdown of non-oil GDP by sector, 2009

Development loans by industry, 2007-10

Estimated macroeconomic performance, 2010-12

Estimated public finances, 2010-12

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