Laws and Decisions

Economy ministry Decision 838 of 2022 (Ar) on goods inspections

GNU economy ministry Resolution 622 (Ar)

GNU Decision 39 of 2022 appointing interim health minister (Ar)

GNU Decision 537 of 2021 on exempting food, medicine imports from tax fees (Ar)

LIA statement on UK assets (December 2020, Ar)

Domestic retail prices of petroleum products, 2010-H1 2017

CBL assets in Foreign assets, from 2007 to June 2017

Ministers in Government of National Accord (GNA) [Ar]

Tobruq gov't Decision 552 of 2015 approving training of security personnel

Tobruq gov't Decision 534 of 2015 approving import of generators

GNC Decision 16 of 2015 cancelling laws related to land ownership (Ar)

Tobruq gov't Decision 499 of 2015 approving plans for economic conference in Egypt (Ar)

Tobruq gov't Decision 492 of 2015 approving funds for students in Egypt (Ar)

Tobruq gov't Decision 83 of 2015 on illegitimate oil transactions (Ar)

Oil and gas pipelines closed due to unrest (October 2015)

Tobruq gov't Decision 481 of 2015 approving funds for Jaghboub council (Ar)

Tobruq gov't Decision 480 of 2015 approving funds for Administrative Control Authority (Ar)

Tobruq gov't Decision 479 of 2015 approving funds for bridge repairs (Ar)

GNC Decision 17 of 2015 on cooperative farms (Ar)

Tripoli gov't Decision 173 of 2015 on replacing subsides with cash payments (Ar)

Tobruq government Decision 469 of 2015 giving permission for importing generators

Tobruq government Decision 468 of 2015 giving permission for road works

Eastern NOC circular 2/2015 on international trading

Draft Libyan Constitution of 2015

Tripoli Audit Bureau Decision 398 of 2015 blocking banks accounts (Ar)

Tripoli gov't Decision 163 of 2015 on teacher bonuses (Ar)

Tripoli gov't Decision 153 of 2015 regarding cost of medical treatment for foreigners

CBL governor Decisions 145 of 2015 creating compliance department (Ar)

Tobruq gov't Decision 379 of 2015 approving funding for Benina airport

Tobruq gov't Decision 378 of 2015 approving funding for electricity ministry

Tobruq gov't Decision 375 of 2015 approving health ministry contracts

Tripoli Audit Bureau Decision 314 of 2015 freezing accounts due to suspect transactions

Tripoli PM Decision 147 of 2015 approving contract for National ID Scheme

Tobruq gov't Decision 61 of 2015 on the failure of the GNC to sign the UN agreement (Ar)  

GNC statement on draft UN agreement (Ar)

Tobruq PM Decision 314 of 2015 approving procurement of generators (Ar)

Tobruq PM Decision 305 of 2015 approving procurement of electrical transformers (Ar)

Tobruq PM Decision 276 of 2015 approving contract for procurement of military clothing (Ar)

Tobruq PM Decision 275 of 2015 approving funds for Benghazi NOC (Ar)

UN Libyan Political Draft Agreement, Version 4

CBL Governor Law 96 of 2015

Tobruq gov't Decision 179 of 2015 allocating funds for southern crisis committee

Tobruq gov't Decision 177 of 2015 on embassy spending

Tobruk government decision 120 on establishing a new university

Tobruk government decision 119 on establishing a new municipality

Tobruq government Decision 173 of 2015 approving Benghazi Medical Centre contract.

Tobruq government Decision 170 of 2015 approving funding for Bani Walid

Public holidays – Law 5 of 2012

Tobruq government Decision 10 of 2015 on Brega restructuring

Tobruq government Decision 9 of 2015 on Kharrouba airport

The Official Gazette, Issue 7, December 2014

The Official Gazette, Issue 6, December 2014

GNC statement requesting UNSMIL assistance with Es Sider fire

GNC statement on bombing of Greek tanker in Derna

GNC statement on "obstruction" of upcoming dialogue

GNC Decision 80 of 2014 dismissing head of Administrative Control Authority (ACA)

GNC Decision 64 of 2014 regarding handover to al-Hassi government (Arabic)

Administrative Control Authority (ACA) statement on Supreme Court ruling

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) statement on entry of foreign workers

Telecoms ministry Decision 82 of 2014 changing board of Libyan Post

Zliten Council Decision 31 of 2014 on housing regulation (Ar)

HoR Decision 17 of 2014 replacing CBL governor

HoR Law 3 of 2014 on fighting terror

Government statement on flights to Tunisia and Egypt

House of Representatives Decision 7 of 2014 disbanding all irregular forces

House of Representatives Decision 5 of 2014 on appointing a president

HoR constitutional amendment 8

House of Representatives Decision 4 of 2014 correcting previous decision

House of Representatives Decision 3 of 2014 calling for ceasefire

House of Representatives Decision 2 of 2014 forming committee

House of Representatives Decision 1 of 2014 on appointing speaker

CBL Decision 17 of 2014

Government Decision 398 of 2014 establishing authority for well maintenance and digging

Government Decision 393 of 2014 approving board changes at the Libyan Humanitarian Relief Agency.

Government Decision 392 of 2014 allocating funds for Benghazi

Government Decision 386 of 2014 establishing authority to tackle illegal immigration

Government Decision 380 of 2014 allowing transport ministry to resume negotiations on Sebha airport

CBL governor on 2014 budget (Ar)

LAAHCO Decision 52 of 2013 on raising Afriqiyah Airways’ capital

Decision 190 of 2014 forming committee to oversee preparations for Ramadan

Decision 189 of 2014 forming committee to tackle power cuts

Decision 188 of 2014 forming committee to devise a security plan for commercial banks

Decision 187 of 2014 forming committee to devise a security plan for parliamentary elections

Amendment to GNC Decision 40 of 2014 approving new government

2014 GNC Decisions (section B)

2014 GNC Decisions (section A)

2013 GNC Decisions (section B)

2013 GNC Decisions (section A)

2012 GNC Decisions

GNC Decision 54 of 2014 on transfer of authorities to new parliament

Government statement responding to GNC regarding role of prime minister

Government statement on airstrikes in Benghazi

GNC Decision 41 of 2014 forming committee to aid government transition

GNC Decision 40 of 2014 approving new government

GNC Decision 39 of 2014 setting date for parliamentary election

Decision 284 of 2014 allocating budget for Tripoli Capital of Culture

Government statement on Ansar al-Sharia

GNC statement on recent events

Decision 277 of 2014 establishing oil and gas faculty

Decision 314 of 2014 approving contracting for five water treatment plants

Decision 313 of 2014 approving plans to build dams

Decision 306 of 2014 permitting contracting for Tripoli road works

The Official Gazette, Issue 2, March 2014

The Official Gazette, Issue 1, January 2014

GNC decisions on appointment of prime minister

Decision 241 of 2014 on Hajj subsidies

Decision 231 of 2014 relocating the headquarters of the PFG

2014 draft budget

GNC Decision 36 of 2014 reviewing salaries for judicial workers

GNC Decision 38 of 2014 appointing new prime minister

Government statement condemning attack in Benghazi

Government Decision 271 on state pensions

Government Decision 270 on social security contributions

Justice ministry Decision 544 of 2014 forming committee to investigate oil corruption allegations

Economy ministry Decision 155 promoting staff members

GNC statement on kidnapping of Jordanian ambassador

Government statement on foreign minister comments call for monarchy

Government statement on anti-government protests

PM statement regarding government resignation

Law 10 of 2014 on organising elections, approved by the GNC on 31 March 2014

Government statement regarding reopening of oil ports (Arabic), dated 6 April 2014

Government statement on oil ports 

Government Decision 198 establishing tumour treatment centre in Sebha

Government Decision 188 cancelling airports contract and approving replacement

GNC Decision 27 of 2014 approving emergency budget

GNC Decision 28 of 2014 extending deadline for the selection of the prime minister role

GNC Decision 29 of 2014 on meeting of constituent body drafting the constitution

Government Decision 176 forming committee to review legal cases against Libyan government

Government Decision 175 forming committee to review status of Libyans working abroad

Government Decision 174 allocating LD15m for Sebha security needs

Government Decision 173 allocating LD30m for Benghazi security needs

GNC Decision 24 of 2014 accepting resignation of member

Government statement on receiving the Morning Glory

Government Decision 84 forming committee to investigate helicopter disappearance

Government Decision 170 establishing a new municipality

Statement issued on 19 March by the interim Prime Minister on the security situation 

GNC Decision 23 0f 2014 withdrawing confidence from Ali Zeidan

Security Council resolution 2144 extending mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya 

Law 5 of 1997 encouraging foreign investment

Law 13 of 2010 structuring the Libyan Investment Authority

Army Decision 42 forming military unit to capture oil ports

Government Decision 113 forming committee to review Italian debt payments

Government Decision 146 reinstating Libyan nationality to King Idris

Government statement regarding storming of GNC

Government Decision 95 renaming a college

GNC Decision 18 of 2014 approving LD1bn loan to GECOL

GNC Decision 17 of 2014 approving al-Muhalhil’s resignation

GNC Decision 16 of 2014 approving al-Saklani’s resignation

The Official Gazette, Issue 15, December 2013

The Official Gazette, Issue 14, December 2013

The Official Gazette, Issue 13, September 2013

The Official Gazette, Issue 12, September 2013

GNC Decision 4 of 2014 regarding Libyan Red Crescent

GNC Decision 5 of 2014 amending penal code

GNC Decision 6 of 2014 on political lustration

Decision 91 permitting ODAC to contract for removal of electricity cables

Decision 119 regarding the treatment of victims of sexual violence

GNC Decision 12 forming committee to amend the constitutional declaration and elections law

Decision 91 regarding government mortgage scheme

Decision 86 approving temporary budget for labour ministry

Decision 84 establishing three blood banks

Economy ministry Decision 823 of 2013

Government Decision 73 approving LD25m allocation for education ministry

Government Decision 58 cancelling two HIB contracts

Decision 50 appointing oil minister replacement

Decision 49 appointing sports minister replacement

Decision 48 appointing economy minister replacement

Decision 47 appointing housing minister replacement

Decision 74 permitting former fighters to work in government ministries

Decision 37 forming joint security unit for southern region

Decision 16 forming media and administrative office for al-Awqaf

Decision 22 establishing security unit for Tripoli

Decision 8 approving rent allowance for displaced families

Decision 3 approving plans to build hospitals and health clinics

Decision 5 forming committee to issue compensation for families

Decision 7 permitting finance ministry to contract for installation of duties e-database

Decision 10 establishing petroleum college in Ubari

Decision 888 restructuring Warriors Affairs Commission

Decision 883 establishing DNA centre in Tripoli

Decision 889 permitting housing ministry to contract

Decision 861 forming committee to restart pre-2011 contracts

Decision 864 establishing accountancy college in Marj

Decision 860 establishing college for heavy machinery in Misrata

Decision 857 establishing joint security unit in Tarhouna

CBL Circular 200 on exceptions to the management of funds of some entities

CBL Circular 199 on use of funds from sources other than the state budget

CBL Circular 198 designating polling day as holiday for local councils

CBL Circular 194 on Interpol investigation

CBL Circular 193 on Educational Facilities Guards salaries

The Official Gazette, Issue 18, November 2012

The Official Gazette, Issue 17, September 2012

The Official Gazette, Issue 16, September 2012

The Official Gazette, Issue 15, August 2012

The Official Gazette, Issue 14, July 2012

Government statement on clashes in Sebha

Decision 852 forming delegation meet demands of Kufra residents

Decision 851 permitting Warriors Affairs Commission to contract

Decision 841 forming committee to evaluate price of petroleum products

Decision 839 permitting Urban Development Authority to contract

Decision 822 appointing members to a national dialogue authority

Decision 856 establishing medical college in Sabratha

Decision 812 forming committee to return internally displaced 

Decision 808 appointing head of Tourism police unit

Decision 793 approving monthly payment for security staff protecting polling station

Decision 792 forming committee to oversee oil production and export

Decision 799 approving list of 15 medical centres

Decision 789 approving Tripoli University construction projects

Decision 790 giving approval for Airport Authority to contract Turkish company

Decision 780 on the location of an investment area near Zintan

Decision 776 approving plans for two desal units

Decision 770 authorising purchase of airplanes for defence ministry

Decision 773 on permission for Ministry of Oil and Gas to sell asphalt

Justice Ministry Decision 1621 forming committee to review sharia-compliance

Decision 769 approving purchase of helicopters from Eurocopter

Decision 768 allocating GDCOL LD12.7m

Decision 765 establishing new energy company

Decision 763 approving renovation contracts

Decision 761 approving establishment of police training academy

Decision 752 approving set-up four landfills

Decision 798 permitting PSF to borrow from commercial banks

Decision 747 establishing joint security force for Ajaylat

Decision 741 approving transfer of LD10m to health ministry

Decision 740 approving LD160,000 budget transfer

Decision 734 transferring LD145m for patients treatment abroad

Decision 723 approving construction of hospital in Nalut district

Decision 733 approving transfer of LD18m to Ajdabiya and Khoms security forces

Decision 732 approving transfer of LD5m to GNC

Decision 724 designating a building for public use

The Official Gazette, Issue 4, March 2013

Draft health insurance law

PM Decision 403 forming committee to track stolen money

PM Decision 402 forming committee to review pensions

CBL Circular 192 on transfer of budgets for patients abroad

CBL Circular amending Decision 37 of 2013

Decision 703 approving budget transfer to army

Decision 713 approving plans to build maternity hospitals

Decision 707 approving purchase of ambulances

The Official Gazette, Issue 6, May 2013

The Official Gazette, Issue 7, May 2013

The Official Gazette, Issue 8, June 2013

Decision 679 approving purchase of firefighting helicopters

Decision 680 allocating budget for disability cars

Decision 686 approving commission of desalination plants

Cabinet statement on 17 November following events in Ghagour 

The Official Gazette, Issue 9, July 2013

The Official Gazette, Issue 10, July 2013

Law 1 of 2005 on bank regulation

Decision 667 designating a number of buildings for Tripoli University

Decision 666 establishing a college for energy studies

Decision 665 establishing a vocational centre

Decision 663 establishing an e-government centre

Decision 662 establishing an emergency planning unit

Decision 660 establishing a national blood transfusion service

Decision 658 forming a joint security unit in Benghazi

Law 7 of 2010 on income tax

Figures listing Libya's 15 commercial banks by total credit as of 30 September 2013.

The Official Gazette, Issue 2, September 2013

PM Decision 377 forming committee to support civil society organisations

Decision 655 approving compensation

PM Decision 355 appointing an advisor to the Ministry of Tourism

PM Decision 339 appointing an advisor to the Ministry of Health

PM Decision 332 appointing advisors to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs

Decision 639 establishing faculties for Al Jebel Al Gharbi University

Decision 640 establishing teams to survey IDPs

Decision 637 establishing new dates and olives authority

Decision 621 amending a decision on council elections

Decision 626 approving budget for weapons disposal

Decision 612 on integrating rebel fighters into police force

Decision 613 on integrating rebel fighters into Libyan army

Decision 614 approving compensation for damages in Benghazi

Foreign Ministry statement on attack against Swedish consulate in Benghazi

PM statement on security, oil and abduction

Government Decision 429 on establishing an Olympic village

Government Decision 425 regarding the ESDF

Government Decision 461 authorising HIB project

Government Decision 464 determining the HQ of Supreme Judicial Council

Decision 484 appointing legal representative to the AMU

Decision 497 on establishing a college for training muftis

CBL announcement on banks opening times during Eid.

Decision 600 on establishing a Libyan horseracing authority

Decision 599 on establishing a national centre for modern languages

CBL Circular 175 on providing oversight of public-sector bank accounts

CBL Circular 174 on minimum coverage required for Eid credit

Statement on death of soldiers.

Decision 577 approving salaries for workers

Decision 575 approving salaries for workers

Decision 579 on establishing an engineering faculty in Ajdabiya (Arabic)

Government Decision 580 on establishing a new vocational training institute in Zliten (Arabic)

GNC statement rejecting federalism for southern Libya

Goverment Decision 551 permitting the Real Estate Savings and Investment Bank to purchase land.

Goverment Decision 561 to set up a joint security force for Ajdabiya

GNC Decision 79 appointing Nasser Ali Hassan as the deputy chairman of the Administrative Monitoring Authority (Arabic)

GNC Decision 78 appointing Abdelsalam Saad al-Hassi as the chairman of the Administrative Monitoring Authority (Arabic)

Law 21 on amending Law 7 on 2013 state budget, approved by General National Congress (GNC) on 5 September

Cabinet Decision 463 on forming a committee to settle financial compensation (Arabic)

Cabinet Decision 462 on forming a committee to investigate the measuring of crude oil exports.

Cabinet Decision 443 on allocation of funds to Ministry of Martyrs and the Missing (Arabic)

Cabinet Decision 429 of 2013 approving the creation of an Olympic Village project in Tajura (Arabic)

General National Congress (GNC) Law 18 of 2013 on protection of cultural and linguistic rights.

Ministry of Economy's draft of new companies law (Arabic)

General National Congress (GNC) Decision 61 on transferring funds from the Ministy of Finance to the Ministry of Social Affairs (Arabic)

Cabinet Decision 251 of 2013 on student grants (Arabic)

Ministry of Economy Decision 207 of 2013 on car imports (Arabic)

Law 16 of 2013 amending Law 13 of 1980 on social security (Arabic)

IMF paper on subsidies reform in Libya (May 2013)

IMF Article IV consultation report, May 2013

Law 13 of 2013 on political and administrative isolation (Arabic), approved by the GNC on 6 May 2013

A draft of Libya's Political Isolation Law, issued by the General National Congress on 2 May (Arabic)

General National Congress (GNC) Law 12 of 2013 amending Law 16 of 1985 on the basic state pension (Arabic)

General National Congress (GNC) Law 7 of 2013 approving the 2013 state budget (Arabic)

Handbook issued by the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) on Islamic banking practices and licensing in Libya

Central Bank of Libya Decision 10 of 2013 on withdrawing LD20 note from circulation.

  Central Bank of Libya Decision 6/2013 imposing a fine on Aman Bank (Arabic)

Central Bank of Libya Decision 7/2013 (Arabic) imposing a fine on the National Commercial Bank (NCB)

Central Bank of Libya Decision 6/2013 imposing a fine on Aman Bank (Arabic)

General National Congress (GNC) Decision 25 of 2013 on accepting the resignation of the Attorney General 

General National Congress (GNC) Decision 27 of 2013 on removing unlicensed/illegal armed groups from Tripoli (Arabic)

Law No. 6 of 2013 of the General National Congress (GNC), granting LD100 per month to families for every child aged under 18.

Full text of UN Security Council Resolution 2095, approved on 14 March 2013, extending the mandate of the UN mission in Libya and partially lifting the arms embargo on the country.

Ministry of Economy Decision 22 regarding rulings made by Decision 207 of July 2012 on the participation of foreign companies in Libyan entities.

Central Bank Decision 2 of 2013 on companies permitted to make foreign currency transfers 

IMF report originally published in April 2012 and released in English in February 2013. 

Central Bank Decision 1 of 2013 on the regulation of foreign currency trading and the powers required to execute foreign transfers (Arabic)

Amended version of 2005 Banking Law (Arabic)

Names and short biographies of proposed cabinet members (Arabic)

Central Bank of Libya (CBL) decision to withdraw issues 4 and 5 of banknotes worth 5 and 10 Libyan Dinars.

Central Bank decision on removing limit for electronic payment cards (published on 13 September).

Ministry of Economy Decision 248 on creating a number of licensing offices (Arabic)

The 2011-13 cooperation agreement signed on 30 August between Libya and the European Union. 

Council of Ministers Decision 341, approved on 30 July 2012, on the restructuring of the General Environment Authority (Arabic). 

Decision 242, approved by the Ministry of Economy on 26 August, on the appointment of managers for regional licensing offices (in Arabic).

IMF/World Bank document published in April 2012 and reposted by the Central Bank of Libya in August. Arabic.

Decision 201, issued by the Ministry of Economy, on Takaful insurance in Libya

Decision 207, approved by the Ministry of Economy in July 2012.

Published on 30 July. Download file here

Published on 17 July, this document lists the full breakdown of results (in Arabic) from Libya's 7 July elections for the new General National Congress (GNC).

Clarification published on 5 June by the Prime Minister's office denying rumours of an increase in public-sector salaries.

Decision 142 the Central Bank of Libya on issuing prepaid payment cards

This document is a copy of Law 47, issued on 4 June 2012, which lists the 241 individuals and companies whose assets are still being frozen by the interim Libyan government.

This document lists the names of the individuals, companies and organisations whose accounts have been suspended by the Libyan government pending an assessment of their  business dealings and contracts.

Cabinet decision regarding zakat (charitable religious donations)

Cabinet decision exempting the Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) from paying fuel costs during 2011 conflict.

Cabinet decision on regulations of Commercial Register (Arabic)

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