Zeidan announces national dialogue initiative

In the News | 26-08-2013

The interim government, in partnership with the UN, plans to set up an independent body to oversee national-level talks on a range of issues.

Written by: Libya Report

Bab al-Aziziya to be cleared

In the News | 23-08-2013

Work on clearing the Gaddafi regime's former Tripoli stronghold is to start soon, according to the Prime Minister's office.

Written by: Libya Report

One step forward, two steps back

In the News | 15-08-2013

Libya is currently facing arguably its biggest challenge since the end of the 2011 conflict.

Written by: Libya Report

Eid Mubarak!

In the News | 08-08-2013

The Libya Report wishes all its readers a happy and peaceful Eid.

We'll be posting less content than usual over the next few days, but will back again as normal from Monday 12 August.

Written by: Libya Report

Desperate measures for Egypt?

In the News | 25-07-2013

According to the state news agency, Egypt's ambassador in Tripoli has called on Egyptians living in Libya to donate money to a new bank account set up in Egypt's name.

Written by: Libya Report

Rocket attack in main Tripoli business district

In the News | 24-07-2013

A rocket fired from a car yesterday hit a residential tower in the capital's main business area.

Written by: Libya Report

Weekly content now available to buy

In the News | 11-07-2013

You can now buy access to all the news and tenders included in this newsletter, or alternatively subscribe for a year or six months to read the full range of content available on Libya Monitor.

Written by: LM

Survey: Libyans think corruption has increased

In the News | 09-07-2013

Almost half of Libyan respondents in Transparency International's latest global survey thought corruption had risen over the past two years, with over 60% saying they had paid a bribe to a basic public institution.

Written by: Libya Report

CORRECTION: Ramadan starts on 10 July

In the News | 08-07-2013

The Libyan Dar al-Ifta has confirmed that Ramadan this year will officially start on 10 July, not 9 July as we had previously reported.

Written by: Libya Report

New US ambassador takes up post

In the News | 24-06-2013

Deborah Jones arrived in Tripoli last week to become Washington's first ambassador to Libya since Christopher Stevens was killed last year in Benghazi.

Written by: Libya Report

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