Members of Libya's national assembly have voted to provide under-18 year-olds with monthly benefit payments.
The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) had paid out LD720m ($576m) in Eid grants to Libyan families by 28 January.
The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) says it has transferred a total of LD366m ($293m) in special Eid payments to Libyan families.
Libya's interior ministry says it will add LD1,000 ($800) to the monthly salaries of managers working in remote and border areas of the country.
The Libyan National Council for Economic Development is hosting a workshop in collaboration with a British firm, Crown Agents, an international development organisation specialising in institutional development.  
Tunisia's constituent assembly has voted to approve a $100m (LD125m) interest-free loan from Libya that was originally agreed in May 2012.
Mohamed Magarief, the president of Libya's General National Congress (GNC), has accused the outgoing government of corruption and of excessive spending on "furnishing offices" and public-sector wages.
The Audit Bureau says that it will review the performance of the Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF), a major state-owned entity active across numerous sectors of the economy.
The body has approved three members of prime minister Ali Zeidan's proposed cabinet who were investigated for their pre-2011 activities, including the agriculture and foreign affairs ministers.
The UK ambassador to Libya, Michael Aron, recently visited the city of Zawiya, in western Libya.
The Ministry of Youth and Sports has allocated LD10.8m ($8.6m) in funding for sports clubs across the country.
The new government, led by prime minister Ali Zeidan and officially sworn in last week, includes several new portfolios.
Twenty new Libyan ministers were officially sworn in on 14 November, with four others rejected by the Integrity Commission and a further four still in limbo.
Jamal Abdel Malik, the chairman of the Benghazi-based Bank of Commerce and Development, (BCD), has said he is "not optimistic" about the new Libyan government.
Libya's General National Congress (GNC) has voted to approve the cabinet put forward by prime minister Ali Zeidan, although six proposed ministers remain subject to further investigation.

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