The state news agency says that the president of the General National Congress (GNC), Mohamed Magarief, will submit his resignation to the assembly on 28 May.
The new Minister of Interior, Mohamed Sheikh, has been approved by the General National Congress following the resignation of Ashour Shuail.
The Ministry of Justice has published Decision 564, which provides the legal framework for the establishment of a branch office in Benghazi.
A recent workshop covered the implementation of a new labour law, which once drafted will be put to the national assembly for approval.
The interim prime minister pledges to devolve more decision-making power and relocate certain state institutions from Tripoli to Benghazi, following meetings held with local authorities.
The justice and foreign ministries resumed work on 12 May after two weeks of protests and blockades by armed groups came to an end.
Employees of the General Authority for Privatisation and Investment Promotion have held a demonstration at the agency's head office in Tripoli to demand that the current management be replaced.
Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has said a cabinet reshuffle is planned, days after the political isolation law was approved by the Libyan national assembly.
The chairman of the Audit Bureau, a body set up in late 2011 to monitor state finances, has submitted his resignation for the fourth time.
The local council in Murzuq, southern Libya, says it has suspended all work in protest over the lack of government help in responding to damage caused by the recent heavy rains.
Libya's General National Congress (GNC) has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a controversial piece of legislation to bar a range of Gaddafi-era officials from holding senior public positions.
The Ministry of Martyrs and the Missing says it will pay grants of LD2,000 ($1,600) to the families of those killed or missing in the 2011 conflict.
The Bengazi Local Council has reportedly given a 24-hour deadline to cleaning companies who are on strike, threatening to cancel contracts if the firms do not return to work.
Several local planning offices across Libya have expressed reservations over Law 137, which defines the organisational structure of the Ministry of Planning.
Libya's national assembly has approved legislation to double the value of state benefit payments to widowed, divorced and disabled citizens.

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